Monday, 7 May 2012

Reporting on storage used by VMware virtual machines

Here is a very useful freeware tool for creating reports on VMware virtual machines’ storage usage per drive. The tool is called MCS StorageView and is made by Mightycare. It can be downloaded from here.

Download it and run the exe, then connect to the vCenter server (Connect > Login). Once connected, it will start populating the table. To save the report in a csv file, click Export2CSV.

I was after total allocated and used space per drive in order to know how much was used per drive type (e.g. all prod system drives, all test database drives, log drives, apps drives etc). It is easy to organise the list per drives and calculate the used space:

And then get totals for all drives:

If you have multiple environments (prod, dev, test, staging etc), it’s easy to separate the VMs and calculate the totals per environment.

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